Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre was my home away from home for fifteen years. At such a young age I was able to find a community in which I could better myself in so many ways. I could not have found a better place to provide me with the foundation I would later need to succeed artistically, physically, and emotionally. Additionally, it was the center point where countless friendships were made that would ultimately last forever. “Meg’s” is where I furthered my love for dance and conquered the important lessons of commitment, dedication and perseverance. To all girls and boys of all ages, step your foot in the door and I promise you’ll never look back.

Jessica Greene

For the past 20 years my two daughters have lived and breathed for Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre.  I always knew that every time they walked through the doors they would be cared for in a loving manner.  The staff is extremely capable of handling any type of situation.  The dance faculty is talented, energetic, and passionate individuals who strive to take their students beyond their limits.  Their teaching is surpassed only by the love and support that they have for their students.  The friendships that my girls have cultivated while at MSDC have blossomed and strengthened over the years…you can’t put a price tag on that!  Giving back to the community is an essential part of your children’s upbringing and at MSDC the girls get the chance to perform/raise funds for different charitable organizations throughout the year. At the end of every year the studio puts on a recital that will bring tears to your eyes.  All the students, teachers, and staff put their heart and soul into this final performance and you will not only see beautiful dancers, but you will see beautiful people……warm, giving, and caring. This is where you want to send your children to learn how to dance….they will leave having an appreciation and love for dance in every sense of the word.  Simply put, Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre has been my girls’ “home away from home.”

I will cherish the memories I have of the past twenty years my family has spent with Meg and her staff…….it was the best decision my husband and I ever made.

With love and very fond memories,
GiGi Greene

It’s hard to believe that Meg’s studio is concluding it’s thirty first season.  Thirty one years of molding young lives through the medium of dance. Thirty one years of helping to transform little girls into confident, poised and graceful young women.  And I speak with a level of personal experience.  For my own daughter is the woman she is in large part because of the nurturing and guidance she found at MSDC.  This isn’t just my observation.  The young woman I watched grow up as one of Megs students would tell you the same.  And she does, often and to anyone who will listen.  Meg is her mentor and role model.

There are other dance schools.  Other places that nurture and enrich young lives.  But I will always be grateful for the special care and guidance my only daughter received at MSDC.  She would tell you the same.  Just ask her.

George Butch

Why I Loved Teaching at Meg’s!
I remember being around ten years old and a student of Magda Aunon in Ft. Lauderdale.  When I walked into Magda’s studio that day, the older girls were doing a dance from “Cats” and there was this lovely lady, Meg Segreto, choreographing the piece.  I remember being in awe of the dance and the different movements she had created.  I also loved her way of instructing.  She made it so fun for everyone involved.  My love for Meg and her choreography did not end there!  Over the years I would eventually sub at her studio, perform in her shows, and end up teaching for her in the mid 90’s.  I am now 41 years old and have been the owner of my own dance studio for the past ten years called, “Ballet Elite”.

My experience at Meg Segreto’s Dance Center was truly amazing.  The atmosphere was always so positive and happy and I was able to teach extremely talented young students who were so well rounded!  Coming from a very strict ballet background, I couldn’t believe how her students were so great at ballet, tap, jazz, modern, acro, you name it!  I had the wonderful opportunity of performing in the Lion King with her company girls.  The way that Meg would move us around and create patterns that I had never seen before truly impressed me.  I had the time of my life and credit those few years at Meg’s as a part of the incredible training I have received over the years.  Working at her studio also taught me so much about how to run a dance studio in an organized fashion.  For this I am truly grateful.  Meg Segreto’s Dance Center is truly a place of quality and professionalism and I am thankful for the short time I was able to be a part of it.  I highly recommend her school to anyone who is interested in receiving an amazing dance education!

Dana Susanj

When I started looking for a dance studio for my daughter Heather 8 years ago I looked for a studio that had the same qualities that expressed my family values. It was important to me for her to have the proper training, music that is chosen carefully and costumes that are modest. I also wanted her to feel comfortable and be able to express herself in dance without competitions. I love knowing that Meg Segreto’s Dance Studio gives back to the community with benefit concerts and their Holiday shows. If gives my daughter the opportunity to have stage presence and to feel confident in herself.
When I walk into the studio 3 days a week I love seeing all the older girls doing their homework and working together to accomplish their goals for that day. I know that will be my daughter real soon. I am excited to see her in company and become the dancer she wants to be.

Thank you to Meg, Lindsey Lee, Evonne, German, Shari, Renee, Lucy and Andrea for setting a great example for my daughter.

Lisa Rugggiero

As a father, you desire to have your children grow up in an environment that is educational, motivational and inspirational. I know that I have succeeded with this life challenge partially due to supporting my two daughters’ 15 year journeys at Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre.

This iconic south Florida institution has been the catalyst for my two daughter’s great respect for not only Dance, but the entire artistic process.

I would urge all fathers with young girls to embrace this positive culture and send your daughter(s) to that wonderful place that is fondly known as Megs!

David M. Greene, father

I began dance at the early age of three at Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre. At that time, my Mom did not know much about dance and enrolled me at Meg’s because she knew her from high school. She had no idea that I would fall in love with it after my first ballet/tap class. As soon as I could take more dance classes, I did. Because of the excellent training and knowledgeable teachers at Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre, I progressed each year, joined the dance company at the age of nine, and began teaching at the age of fifteen. Growing up at Meg’s gave me the tools to become a professional dancer. I have had the amazing opportunity to be a Radio City Rockette for the last five years and I could have never accomplished that without the technique and performance skills that I gained at Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre.

Sara Kroeger Stekloff

I am proud to say that I was a dancer at Meg Segreto’s Dance Centre from the time I was four years old through my senior year of high school. I was asked to be part of the first Junior Company and later had the privilege to advance to the prestigious Senior Company. I have the highest and utmost respect of Meg Segreto as a teacher and a friend. She is and forever will be my second mom. It is with the greatest pride and disbelief that my oldest daughter is a student at the Studio for her second recital and my youngest daughter is scheduled for summer dance classes.

I understood at an early age that Meg’s focus was on us as dancers and understanding the importance of technique to provide a classical dance foundation. Not only is Meg an amazing dancer and brilliant choreographer, but she also has an extensive knowledge and appreciation of physiology. We were talking one day about dance reality shows and how much the style of dance has changed since I was a student. She agreed that the dancers were amazing but she was also very concerned for those young dancers’ bodies and how they will be affected later in life. Our children are taking dance classes during fundamental and important growing years and I know that the teachers at the Studio have my children’s best interest in mind in ensuring they understand position and technique to help minimize any potential injuries. Additionally, the teachers always make sure that the music, choreography, and costuming is age-appropriate.

Whenever possible, Meg employs former students as her teachers and representatives of the Studio to ensure her methods and philosophy are consistently carried through to all of her students. Meg’s “seconds-in-command” are two dancers that enrolled at the Studio at an early age. They are each brilliant and talented and have the core foundation and knowledge that Meg emanates throughout the Studio, while still incorporating their own style and inspiration. Meg is extremely selective in hiring teachers from outside, and the Studio is fortunate to have amazing ballet, lyrical, and tap teachers from the professional world of dance.

If you want your children to learn to appreciate dance and technique and grow into a well-rounded, confident dancer, than call the Studio today and join the Meg Segreto Dance Centre family!

Angela Coppola Gottfried

May 4, 2011
Dear Meg:
As we near recital time, and our daughter Sarah prepares to enter her senior year in college, I am reminded how important Meg Segreto’s was and still is to our family and to our daughter’s personal growth. And how much we miss being part of the studio. As Hillary Clinton famously wrote “It Takes a Village” to raise a child. We want you to know how big a part of that “village” Meg Segreto’s dance studio was for us. We all know what dance can do for the body. And how this has held Sarah in good stead as a Dance major in college. Not just for the aerobic part but for agility and form and posture. As I get older I am so aware of the long term benefits of stretching. Something my daughter has had ingrained in her daily routine as a result of the studio.

But almost more importantly for us, is what dance has done for Sarah’s soul. The concentration required, the need and ability to internalize and “see” the movement, the sense of calm are all so valuable and were great adjunct lessons to her strenuous schooling demands. In fact she learned time management from handling all these issues simultaneously. And of course what dance does for the mind and personal confidence and discipline as required by the studio. Of course at the time we all thought some of this was maybe too demanding and too rigorous. But we soon realized how critical to our daughter’s overall development all these processes were and remain these many years later.

Some of the best and truest friends Sarah made were made at Meg’s. These are lifelong bonds. We thank you for all the above. We thank you for instilling a sense of community service in our daughter as well. Performing at hospice and for Gilda’s Club helped form the wonderful girl and the sense of giving we see in our now adult daughter.

Amy Bobker

Dear Meg,
Congratulations on your cabillionth recital!

I do miss those studio days when Christine was one of your lovely students, performing in Perpetual Motion, and teaching those adorable 3 and 4 year-olds. She was the most interesting person at our dinner table when she shared her stories about “her babies”. Three-year-olds can be so much fun and now she has two girls of her own.

Your studio has always been a credit to our community. You provide a healthy, wonderful environment for students who love to dance. The trips to New York, Florida Dance Masters, Company performances at Disney World, and all the extra experiences you offer (sometimes mandatory) at Meg Segreto’s really sets you apart from the rest!

Wishing you continued success and much happiness.

Mimi Houston